* Lord’s Prayer

Dit gebed heet niet voor niets ‘Attuning to the Cosmic Fire.
Probeer het maar en merk op wat je voelt.

The Aramaíc Lord’s Prayer
Attuning to the Cosmic Fire

Ah bwoon d’bwasmaya
Father-Mother of the Kosmos, Ever-Shimmering Light of All,

Neeta kadasha schmach
Your Light is focused within us as we breathe Your Holy Breath.

Tay tay malkootha
Now, you enter the sanctuary of our shared Heart,

Ne-whey t’savee-yanak eye kanna
d’bwashmaya opf-baraha
uniting within us the sacred rays of Your Power and Beauty,
awakening our heart’s desire that unites heaven and earth
through our sacred Union.

How-lahn lachma d’soonkahnan yow-manna
Your Light shall guide us as we fulfill what lies within the circle
of our lives today.

Wash wo-klan how-bane eye-kanna dahp hahnan
shwa-ken el’high-ya-bane
We know that you already forgive us our secret fears,
as we choose to forgive the secret fears of others.

Oo-lah tah-lahn el-nees-yo-nah ella pah-sahn min beesha
Let us not enter forgetfulness of Reality, tempted by false

Metahl dih-lah-kee mal-kootha, oo-high-la,
oo-teesh- bohk -ta. La- alahm, ahl-meen!
For from your astonishing Fire comes the Eternal Song
restoring and sanctifying all;
It is renewed eternally in our lives, and throughout Creation!

We seal these words as Truth in our hearts, committed fully in trust
and faith, as together we say: